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TWA Boeing 717-200 Registration N420TW in the Final livery


Can someone do a WestJet new livery Dash 8 Q400?


First new livery MAX is due this June. Decided to paint it on the first MAX delivered anyways :P


United Airlines concord


westjet 737-600


westjet 737-700 and -800


The new livery of my made up airline: BlueWing.
There have been rumors that BlueWing is going to launch a new livery at the brand overhaul. This is confirmed when a spotter spotted N482BW, a Boeing 777-300ER, during a D-check at Boston Logan, almost completely covered up with the sign “482, Boston, D-Check”
(N482BW before its D-check)

Spotter image

Little can be known from this, however, we can see that the cockpit window has an outline: maybe a black mask? The new font is also confirmed: Raleway. Now it’s just waiting time.
Finally, the new livery along with the new logo. N428BW rolled out as a legend. The tail is the skyline of Boston, the whole design is very simple and just generally awesome.


Joon Boeing 777-300ER


Lol also an airline


Any requests from anybody?


Virgin Atlantic 737-800


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Air India 787-8 Concept Livery


Can you do the WestJet Encore Dash 8 Q400 in the new livery?


I could try it out. I am right now not doing anything


Using inspiration from @Jerry_Chen’s design. I made a new Newfair livery. Each plane will be dedicated to a city where we serve and will have the skyline in the back. So I present, the new Newfair!


Haha, we should team up


Yeah lol. We could make a dream airline lol


Qatar 767-300ER


@Horizon your plane