Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Hello guys ! i’m not very good in photoshop… SO I USE PAINT ! i m french so my english is bad i know it XD


You want what as plane now ?


Its a start. You will eventually get better after many tries. Best of Luck.


What App do you guys use for this?


For me I use Photoshop Mix to make the liveries. It’s on apple


Concept Livery Cathay A380

Click for Full Res


Nice! You should do the winglets too


Smart, I’ll do it when I get back on the computer



Qatar Airways A350 A7-ALA (World’s first commercial A350) wearing the “Contrast” livery (my name for the that livery.)

Qatar Airways A320-200 A7-AHH wearing the Qatar Retroliner livery.


Try an Etihad 737 (new livery)


That should be no problem


@Kizzair here you go.


Nothing wrong with using an icon or image online, simply use your tools to cut the icon to paste on a transparent background and it’ll be good to go for your design.


One of the best I have seen!


Can I use Microsoft paint? If not, what other software on Windows 10 could I use (I am not too good with PS)


A Norwegian MD11

Skyteam Founders Livery

And a Singapore Airlines Star Alliance A350 requested by @SingaporeAirlines


Thank you so much :)


Honestly I don’t really like having so much white, I like the lines around the windows on the A319 though


I like the founding Skyteam airlines livery


You could use Paint but I recommend using Photoshop.


Umm… I think you mean A320 by that. Don’t you?