Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Your device can’t handel the number of layers it is the same for me.


I tried to do a concept airline


Swiss Cessna 172


Who knows how to get it image


I see you are trying to make an Alaskan 747.


Delta A321neo


No I mean th of livery of Alaska I want know how get it


Turkish 767-300ER

Picture used


Delta 747-8

Original image



American Airlines a339 neo


Qantas 767-300ER (New livery)


Med 737-800 with landing gear now available


Anyone want to try putting Southwest on a 787?


It has already been done


If it’s possible, can anyone do a:

(@the777fan 's part )
French Blue/Bee 757-200MAX
French blue/Bee 767-300ER
French Blue/Bee 787-9
French Blue/Bee 737 MAX 9
French Blue/Bee A321neo
French Blue/Bee 777-300ER
French Blue/Bee A330-900neo
French Blue/Bee A330-800neo
French Blue A340-300neo (see below)
French Blue/Bee Express (see below) CRJ900ER
French Blue/Bee Express Erj 145ER
French Blue/Bee Express F100
French Blue/Bee Express Q400

(@ollywhxte’s part )
Air Canada new livery A330-900neo
Air Canada new livery A340-300neo
Air Canada new livery 757-200MAX

Air Transat new livery 757-200MAX
Air Transat new livery A330neo
Air Transat new livery 737MAX9

(@AndroidPilot’s part )
Philippines airlines 757-200max
Philippines Airlines A330neo

Openskies A330neo
Openskies A340-neo

I want to depict French Blue/Bee as a large airline, with a huge fleet and even an Express division!

I would also like to see an A340neo and a 757MAX, 2 of my favorite planes’ upgraded! For the 757 MAX just use @ItzEhs’s 757 with com LEAP 1b. It would be awesome if that happened IRL.

So, @aviationconcepts @Matt737 @HockeyMan06 @HEYEY, will you take the challenge? There are different parts for different people. It’s fine if you dont. Kthxbye


Swiss Air Airbus A320 Neo


The actual quality of the landing gear is rather poor. I can count the number of pixels that make those up on my fingers and toes, and the seem quite small.

What reference material did you base them off of?


It is a mix of med and norbbo


The straight line at the bottom of the tail and curve on the rear don’t go well together