Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


the big great project is done: JetBlue Asia 320-200


Does anyone have a livery they want done on an A359?


Could you do the #JetstarGeneration livery?


Yeah I could, I’m not sure if it’ll look good…do you have another suggestion, preferably a standard livery?


How about… Air Calin?


Yikes, that’s tough. I’m sorry but do you have anything else? ;)


Alaska Airlines More To Love?


Deal. I’ll get it out soon!


This is actually my own airline of Air Shamu with these 2 type of planes (from airline manager) Top is A320 and below is a MD-83, 787 in development
Sry if they are blurry because I zoomed it in


Tell us what the planes are.


The top is a A320 and the one below is a MD-83


Alaska A350-900 More To Love



My Air Shamu 787 being worked on


Can you PM me the logo you used for the tail?


I used the logo from your Alaska 777 and changed the colors! (Thanks!)


My brand new Air Shamu 787 has arrived!!


Experimenting somestuff with a United Boeing 787-10


From my poll a few days ago, remaking my first livery and redesigning it were both very close. So I decided to do both.

From the original.
I introduce the new Oceana Airways:


The Boeing 747sp doesn’t have a layers


And who knows the link of a380 plus template