Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Here is the wiki page for all aircraft registration prefixes and more info.


I knew that it has a Z at the front


United 737 MAX 9:



Yes sorry I wrote it wrong really badly. Cheack it again.


Oh, the fonts? No idea, I just use the font used on the rest of the plane. Looks to be some bold font. Not sure which one though


This was my first every livery, I’m thinking of redoing it.

  • Should I remake it
  • Or redesign it?

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The landing gear in the back don’t really match the base of the livery.


How do you mean? Do you mean the centre of the wheel


Yes, the blue in the very center


Ah I see. Yah… Well this was from like 2-3 years ago


It’s not the best but it’s what I could do :)


Virgin Australia A380. Tbh it’s a bit ehh but I couldn’t find a better tail so it’ll have to do I guess.


In the past I have used bolded Arial but I don’t know if that is the correct one
still looks pretty similar to real life


I think Helvetica is better


United Airlines 737 MAX 9


Do you want me to try add landing gear to one of meds templates?

  • Yes
  • No

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I turned JetBlue’s oldest A320 N504JB into a flight training aircraft, JetBlue University pilot gateway program aircraft!


Thank you sooooooo much! I love Japan so much, so I’ll appreciate this a lot!


I use AmarilloUSAF. I think that’s accurate


LOT concept livery:


I know there’s no Star Alliance logo, I couldn’t get it small enough