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does anyone have a saab 340 template?


Hawaiian Airlines 757




Air Canda concepts I made. Can’t decide on 1 or 2. I think 2 looks a bit better though. What do you prefer?

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Whenever you do one like that on a picture and you post a link to the picture please.


What picture ???


Can someone make a TUI Airlines 787-10 and Japan Airlines 787-10


I can do the Japan Airlines for you


Of the 757 with the Hawaiian livery. Not the med one but the side view real life pictures.


Please read
Does anyone know the name of the fonts of aircraft registrations and if it is different in different countries? I have already asked a few people the same thing on AE but in case they don’t know.


What’s name? I don’t understand


Do you mean aircraft registrations?


Air New Zealand 787-8 “All Blacks” livery:



If you’re talking about registrations, then NnnnXX is the U.S., C-XXXX is Canada, G-XXXX is the UK, B-nnnn is China, B-nnnnn is Taiwan, B-XXX is Hong Kong, D-XXXX is German, PH-XXX is Dutch, JAnnnX is Japan, HLnnnn is Korea. (n stands for a number and X stands for a letter. If you need more let me know)


Correction, for Canada it’s C-GXXX or C-FXXX.
There’s also a Wikipedia page that is a list of every country’s aircraft registration prefixes.


At first i thought you said B-B888


And In New Zealand it is Z-XXX I think.


New Zealand is ZK-XXX.


No in New Zealand it’s ZK-XXX


Here is the wiki page for all aircraft registration prefixes and more info.