Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


That USAIR livery is perfect. Can you try a Korean AIR NEW livery 757-200W?
EDIT: When your making it could you put the logo on the winglets?


That looks awesome! Anyway, would you mind to do Garuda Indonesia in A350-900?


First off, @Ben’s requests.

Here’s an Atlas Air 757-200.

And a Reno Air 737MAX9.

For @Javier_Blancas, @aviationex_91190, and @SingaporeAirlines, your requests will be fulfilled either today or tomorrow.


Here you go, Javier!


Damn man, wish I had that skill. I know you use GIMP, but is it over a computer or a tablet? (As you can see I know nothing) And, how difficult is it to do those? You seem to do them in no time at all. Great work.


I run GIMP on my computer (it works on both Mac and PC). Creating liveries is pretty easy. Find the logo (if you can), then add it to the template. If you can’t, find an image and then create the logo. Afterwards, study the livery and both source the colours for the livery and add paint as close as possible to how liveries are in photos. That’s pretty much it!


I can pretty much do that for airline liveries but not for custom, its not as hard as it seems


JetBlue MD-80 or JetBlue DHC DHC Q200/400
Thanks! Btw I straight out suck at photoshop


How about a Delta 787-8 colors in motion, TWA 77W (1960’s livery) and an Alaska 757-200 transcon (no over wing doors) in the new livery? Thanks a bunch, you’re really good at what you do.


I’m sort of getting better, imo.
I present Qantas A380 new roo


Wow this looks so amazing! That’ll be a real eye catcher with that massive roo and silver stripe. There will be heaps of space for the “QANTAS” writing on the belly.


I need to see this irl, looks amazing! Love the silver tape!


Anyone wants to try drawing a JetBlue 787-8! :)


I wonder when they will reprint there A380s.


@Kizzyjet here you go :)


I also did this



Southwest B737-500 In multiple liverys


Make sure you post that in here as well


Made a livery for my VA, QJet Virtual