Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I also made another plane for Zürich Air.


Can you do a Qatar Airways 767-300 please?


How about a Zürich air 747-8?


That would look weird on a Finnish one because the colors would be inverted


True, but like when the French ask questions, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of inversion.

And to @Kyle.Plane and @Daniel14, both of those will be coming soon!


Great! Can’t wait to see them!


Here’s @Kyle.Plane’s QR 76W.

And here’s @Daniel14’s Zürich Air 747-8i.


That looks so cool! Thanks!


Amazing! Thank you so much!


The Qatar livery look great on the 767. Wish they got some.


Can you please do a Virgin Australia and Tigerair A380?


I tried but I failed


If you do fictional can you make an atr 72-600 american airlines, if not can you do a virgin australia 737 MAX 8?


I got both of them done! Sorry I was late, I was out all day. If you’d like me to resize the logo on the tail, I’d be happy to do that.


That is so AMAZING! Fantastic job mate! can you do a USAIR 777-300ER, and America West 747-8


Just ordered 6 757-300s!

You can never forget the MD11

(sorry im bad at retro liveries)


Here’s the America West 747-8.

I wasn’t entirely sure which livery you meant by USAir, so I went with the one I remembered most. If you’d like a different one, let me know.


Try a Reno Air MAX if you can, and an Atlas Air 757. Thanks.


@Ben @N644US how can you guys hate on an A-330 like that? They’re beautiful in every way.

Joking to those who think I’m not


Could you do an Iberia A350?