Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


@N644US Do not do this.

I know the person who made the templates. You are not allowed to share them, @N644US. He has to make a account, sorry.


@Pilot8 Fully aware of that, in italics at the top of the page.


I can’t make an account my anti virus thing won’t let me. But whatever I’ll get templates from somewhere else.


oh so do you live in W.A? :D


Looks cool. Could be more colorful, by colorful I mean it can present us the Turkish colors more instead of the Turkish flag only. Happy landings and iyi uçuşlar. 🇹🇷


@Ben, I got both the A35K in new colours and the 320 in Battleship Grey – suggestions to alter either aircraft are accepted.

@aviationex_91190, I tried the 787-9; it looks decent enough.


Boeing 767 in a boeing livery

Jetstar A321
737-700 in 747 livery
If TAA leased a 747 in the original 747 livery
737-200 In 747 Livery
NSWRFS Fokker F-100


A A330 and the Vegemite aircraft


These are some samples from my made-up airlines…

Zürich Air Boeing 767-300

Zürich Air Boeing 737-900ER

Frog Air Boeing 757-300

Florida Airways Airbus a340-300

Florida Airways Bombardier CRJ-900

Hope you like them!


Part of me was inspired by Zürich Air, as I normally am by airlines others create. And part of me thought, what does Zürich Air represent?

So I made this. Zürich Air has the light blue colour of the Zurich canton, which I figured would look nice on the tail. But then, what else would I do? So I looked at Switzerland. What is Switzerland best known for? It’s flag – and hence, a white cross was placed on the tail. Okay, well what now? Then I thought of naming the plane, as many others do. And what else does this blue remind you of then the Zürisee, or Lake Zurich? And hence this version of Zürich Air was born. And yes, I would say the tail looks like the Scottish flag but I’ll pretend like it doesn’t.

On another note: send me more requests! I’m still open to make more liveries.


😂😂😂 That cracks me up. They both look so funny. 😂👌


Introducing Eurojet


That’s a great livery! Amazing work.


Is anyone else getting this on the third website listed in the original post?

It wasn’t giving me this at first but now I can’t use the outlines any more.


Shame they don’t have the ERJ-135. It looks amazing in their livery. :)


The same issue is happening with me as well on my computer.


I don’t know why it just started doing that, but I looked in to it and I am not paying $400 for the program!


Yep I’m getting it as well. The owner of that comment needs to fix their Photobucket account.


So as it turns out, that Air Zürich 777 has 3 too many possibilities.

It could work for a Finnish airline,

or a Scottish one,

or a Greek one. The possibilities are a bit too endless.

On an unrelated note: keep giving me suggestions! I have literally no idea what else I should do.


So it wasn’t me! That was the best website out of the 3 and since the post was from 2010 I don’t see it getting updated.