Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


@aviationex_91190’s A330-300 is done.

@Daniel14 Voilà! Here’s your AF A380.

@Kizzyjet This one was the real kicker. Nothing looks right with the tail at all.


Merci! I love the AF livery on the A380.


@N644US how do you design your liveries? And what templates do you use?


I design my liveries using GIMP, and I use templates from here.


I can’t get to the templates.


Try a UA A330. A different and interesting combo of plane and airline. Thanks in advance.


Great! Could you do a 737 MAX 8 american airlines?


could you try a fictional airline like a southwest 747-8 in new livery?


Can you try a Sun Country MAX?


I did if Emirates was member of oneworld

and a passenger 747-400ER

Jetstar 747-400 with a large oneworld logo. because jetstar is a affiliate of qantas in the alliance

747-400 in the original 747 livery

Emirates 737-800W


@Ben, something doesn’t seem right about this at all.

@aviationex_91190, here’s your American 737-MAX8.

Something is inherently wrong with this. Too much blue?

@Puncakes, this was the most fun of them all – I spent an hour trying to recreate that S on the tail.


Thank you so much that is great!


Thank you! Now try a American Airlines a380 or delta a380.


I already had the AA A380:

So all I needed to do is make a DL A380:

Part of me feels like neither airline should buy them for the sake of beauty.


I tried to come up with an analogy for how odd it was, but it’s so bad I couldn’t.

Now, on the UA note, try and A350, as they have some on order, and a battleship A320. Thanks, good work.


Those are absolute beauties!


A 737-200 leased to emirates from qantas (that explains the australian registration)


Could you possibly private message me blank ones so I can use them? My anti virus thing won’t let me create a account for some reason on that website. @N644US


Much appreciated, can you do a ANA 787-9


That’s already a thing