Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I heard somewhere that they’re going to repaint one of their 717s in the new QantasLink livery, i think it will look fantastic!


It’s going to look great!


@aviationex_91190’s AA A330-200

@Daniel14 Here’s your VS 747-400. The titles and winglet are both a bit off, but they’re close enough (or so I think).


Yay! This is the first time on the community I have seen someone mention Skippers Avation! I when I was really young I used to go to their main terminal because my father was a fifo worker. He also used to complain about how noisy the aircraft were.


Thank you! I flew on this aircraft awhile ago!


Can someone please do the new Qantas livery on a 737-800?


Quickie, but goodie. Enjoy!


Beautiful! Can’t wait to see them repaint the 737


It looks great! Has to be the best looking Qantas aircraft in the new livery.


The only thing is I think the kangaroo on the engine is maybe a bit too far forward


This is Photoshop correct? This is amazing, I couldn’t recreate this even if I tried for a week.


Actually, it’s GIMP. Photoshop would yield much better results, it’s just that I’m too cheap to bother paying for it.


I wish I could show my brands…


Could you possibly do a Caribbean Airlines 737-800 Hummingbird Livery


I shudder at the sight of this. This may be the lowest-quality repaint I have ever done; enjoy it if you can.


Its great. Can you do a a332 Thomas Cook.


Weird, but I guess it works.


Thats Great, now can you try a Qantas a332 or a333 new livery?


Now could you try an Air France A380?


Could you try out an Emirates 737-900er?