Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint



Hi everyone ! Great pictures of Air Belgium, thanks a lot !! I don’t know how neither who to ask for a picture of Air Belgium in A340-600 and Avro RJ100 ?? That would make me very happy :D You guys are awesome.


Here is my simple 787-9.


Would love to see more of the tail design you use as your cover photo, possibly on the A320, or E190


Made this in my free time a few years back.


You should do Salomon’s trail running shoes


I will soon just hold on


Iberia A321neo


I present to you my Boeing 797 concept:

It has a stretched body based on that of the 757 (the aircraft Boeing intends to replace with the 797) allowing seamless transfer of cabin design by airlines. Also, the B797 has a large, single tail-mounted engine, which is coupled with large, heavily swept wings based on those of a 727, allowing for lower speed cruising (keeping the aircraft highly efficient). Finally, the 797 has a more pointed nose, like that of a regional jet, which is more aerodynamic at the lower (and more efficient) cruising speed of my deign.

I’m open to any suggestions for custom templates and/or liveries for my 797 design.


Yep, one large, efficient engine


The most fuel efficient plane on the market then. XD

I’d like your post, but I ran out of likes.


Yep, although I don’t think anyone like GE would take on this sort of new engine design with all the problems they are having currently


Yeah, plus airplanes with engines mounted on the tail creep me out. XD

I don’t know why. XD


This looks awesome!!!


Lufthansa 777x using own modified template:



asics my absolute favorite shoe company on a a318F


Could someone possible make an Alaska Airlines 747-8?😅


I can! How does it look?


Air Canada 777X: