Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Ah, ok, sorry. Have I to remove it?


nah, i doubt they’ll be coming after you for doing a fictional airline livery lol. i was just making a joke cos capri sun is also an english drink.


well I tried to make the last livery of TWA on the MD11


Wow…nice done !!!


That’s pretty nice. I’d love to give it a try.


KLM Royal Dutch Orange Pride livery for B737-900

Rework on Tropicana B739

Rework on Ice Air A320


This was a attempt at a new Air Canada livery

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This is an existing airline/livery I just wanted to have a go at doing it :)

Used: You Doodle Pro
Used: IPad Mini 4


Virgin Australia doesn’t have these :)

Used: You Doodle Pro
Used: IPad Mini 4


What app do you use to make these liveries?


This week’s updates are here:

This is by far one of my favourite liveries to exist: Alsie Express, a Danish company that offers regional flights. Their all-black livery may not be as fuel-efficient as white paint, but it sure looks stylish!

It may seem like this is enough of the new Air Canada livery, but the MAX8 just looks wonderful with the new livery on it.

Sadly, China Airlines retired their last A340-300 earlier this week, after only 16 years of service. All but one have now been stored, and will most likely never fly again.

One of my favourite airlines of the past is Canadian Airlines, which lost its battle to Air Canada.

This is apparently one of my friend’s most favourite aircraft: the “wavy gravy” 767-200.

Norwegian airlines just started flights from EDI to PVD, SWF, and BDL. In celebration: here’s a 737-8MAX which is soon to be delivered to D8.

Next up, a FedEx Express DC-10-30F. Come on Laura, this is what we need in IF!

The Singapore A340-500, once the longest-range aircraft in the world. SQ used it to fly the world’s longest flight from SIN-EWR, which sadly no longer exists.

One of the most interesting aircraft to come from Russia is the IL-96-300. Now no longer in service, this was one of the coolest part of the Aeroflot fleet and something avgeeks the world over wanted to fly on.

Southwest Airlines is one of the US’ most loved carriers. Why not have it expand, using 767-300s as a temporary start on long-haul like WS?

With Tropicana Air coming to fruition in Fall_Etto’s liveries, why not have them start their own cargo carrier based on the company Tropicana? This put a whole new meaning to “freshly-squeezed” orange juice.

United is known for their “Stars and Bars” retro livery on an A320. Why not have another retro A320, with a Saul Bass livery on it instead?

Once again, your suggestions for new liveries to come next week are much appreciated. Be sure to let me know what you as a community would like to see next. And yes, that TWA livery is coming.


I use PowerPoint 😂😂😂


Ryanair 767 and Cargojet 727


Really? How can paint make a difference to fuel consumption (other than weight, but I assume the density of black paint is the same as that of white)


To achieve the same colour density as white paint, black paint needs to be applied heavier and more frequently. In addition, it fades more often, requiring more repainted and further increasing the weight of the paint on the aircraft. In addition, it requires further care in order to keep the colour, driving up costs. Looking at older WN, old US planes, and battleship UA planes reveals just how bad planes can look when their colours aren’t maintained.


This whole airline/repaint thing seems to have died off. Like an unprofitable route, repaints will be reduced to “charter service only” with limited service – I’ll only do aircraft that you as a community request. But before this route falls through, here’s the last “commercial service,” with this week’s repaints!

First off, an AA Eagle E175 that has taken over the Eagle’s Nest at LAX as of late.

Next up, an Aeromexico 787-9. Something about this seems off, but I have no idea what it is. If you do, please let me know.

Next, a “black-and-white” Delta 767-400ER for charters, seeing as some airlines have specific charter liveries cough UA cough due to their frequent use on charter flights.

Now that CX has been repainting aircraft, I thought it would be interesting to repaint one of their 777-200s, seeing as they are some of the first (if not the first) 777s off the line.

With controversy over whether the “new” Pan Am will survive, here’s a more successful reincarnation of an old brand, with an Eastern 737-800.

To pair with the WOW A330-300, another A330 painted mostly in one colour: the Air Greenland A330-200 that only flies to CPH.

And lastly, a QantasLink Dash8-Q400 in the new livery. None of these have been repainted yet, but they should be at some point.

Once again, this thread will only continue with your suggestions. So keep 'em coming!


I know I’m a bit late, but it looks amazing! Well done. I really wish Qantas had some instead of the A330-200 for domestic.

I can’t believe how good that looks! Unfortunately QantasLink doesn’t look to be changing over to the new branding in the near future. Qantas seems to be focussing on changing all their liveries over for the centenary.


Could you do a USAIR A330-200, or American Airlines a330-200


Nuuu! Don’t stop posting! I love these ;-;


Could you do a virgin Atlantic 747-400 old colors?