Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


You posted two of the same thing.


Late night special…


Norwegian/Boeing house livery 737max 8
@ollywhxte here you go I decided to do this one as I already was planning to do Norwegian airlines liveries.


really nice! im a big fan!


Go Cavaliers!


My first plane (Boeing 737 MAX 7 in Emirates Livery) (Sorry for the font, had Microsoft paint sooooo…)
Microsoft Paint (not 3D) on Windows 10
That’s all

  1. Copy-Paste the template
  2. Use Black with the pencil tool (1 px thickness) for the outline of the plane
  3. Save the pic as a Monochrome bitmap (converts all not-perfect-blacks to white)
  4. Save the same thing as a png
  5. Edit the template


Look stunning! I love the thought put into it!


First ever go at a livery. It’s not the best, I need help with designing them.


Any requests???


Could you improve my ERJ-135 please?


What do need to improve?


Not that much to be honest. Does it look accurate?


I think so, have never used that template to be honest


What editor did you use?


Autodesk Sketchbook.




I have created a new “organization” (along with @AndroidPilot and @HockeyMan06) that runs via PM that just hangs out and talks about what we should do for liveries and give ideas and feedback to other people, and then we choose “livery of the week” “livery of the month” and if we last, “livery of the Year”
If you want to join, send me a Pm and I’ll invite you to the PM, or someone will, but I can’t wait to see what this group comes out with!


@HawaiiPilot10 I’m so sorry it took so long I’ve been quite busy. 787-9 Ryanair

I’m sorry it’s not amazing but I’m still learning


United A340-600