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Lol I hate the gallery on airline empires it’s hust everyone saying something negative about your livery or they don’t like the plane


I actually find that a bit refreshing. It provides some negative feedback that is a source of inspiration or desire to do better. Nice to know that someone will always say “I don’t like xxx” so you can improve on it and your skills overall rather than being showered with endless compliments that do nothing.


I agree with that point.


Look at the comments“more-to-love”/


Also this


JetBlue express e145


I hate to break it to you, but in some cases… they’re not wrong.

As much as you can make a good repaint and know your way around templates and repainting, I have to say that the voice of the community is correct.

If we look at the “More to Love” A321neo, most agree that it’s… not the best. As much as it is an accurate repaint that correctly uses the whole “More to Love” scheme, it still doesn’t remain asthetically pleasing. You may have to disagree, but I’d have to leave it at “no thank you.”

If we look at the Alaska A320, I’d chalk that up to more concern than dislike. If I posted something that looked eerily similar and in the same time frame as someone else, then of course people would be concerned. They don’t hate what you’re doing, they’re just concerned. As to the first comment saying someone “did it better,” I’d care to disagree with them.

I would take your Hawaiian 787-9 as a good example of proper feedback. People agree that the livery is oversaturated, and they’re not wrong. If you look at (also on a Med template with roughly the same shading), we see what the paint should be like. I’m not going to lie and say your 787-9 looks absolutely perfect, because it doesn’t. Rather than call it “good enough” and walk away, I’d rather work on fixing the colours, toning down saturation, and re-uploading rater than getting frustrated with the community.

And I know you guys may disagree with me — I tend to agree with the community’s attention to detail and desire for realism which I know others may not like. I too, do from time to time absolutely adore what you guys do. It’s not perfect, but it’s good (and that’s what counts). I know this may come off as harsh, but I just wish to reason a bit.


But commenting no thank you on your post Judy because they don’t like airbus is just annoying


It feels a lot more like competitive but not in a good way like I’m going to back stab you kinda way


I remember feeling like that. Many disliked my “Senvoler” liveries for a few reasons — named, fonts, you name it. It sounded harsh, and I know people didn’t like it. I eventually abandoned the project, but it gave me a new lesson on how to improve my livery making — and you can see that in Middle West. Sure, it still needs finetuning, but it’s better, and that’s what counts. Sometimes you need a little stab in the back to get up and going.


They didn’t dislike it because it was Airbus. They disliked it because the livery itself wasn’t great. Is their fashion of commenting annoying? Yes. But is it all that terrible? It’s not a dealbreaker in my book (it might be in yours).


Well they all suck too (yes sounds very condescending and immature but they do too


Some times the back stabers need a little well mhh can you do better nope


@aviationconcepts and @N644US discuss that in a pm.


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TAM A320 neo.


Iberia Sukhoi Superjet 100


Any suggestions from anyone for me


EuroAtlantic 737MAX8 curious to see how it would look like.