Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


This is a digital drawing I made of my own livery on a 787-9. I think it still counts? Anyway, here it is:

The livery is probably called ‘Minker’, which is based off of the name of my yt channel. It’s quite a simple design. Kinda based off of the current United livery.


Flying between hot and cold!


Thanks for all the support with the NewfAir fleet. So I created NewfAir Express. If you have any issues or want to suggest a plane and livery, just either reply to this or pm me. Thanks!


Also thanks to @N644US for the tail design. He did a awesome job so thanks


Thank you so much, @N644US!


Hi, guys! Do you like them?

ICE AIR (fictional) Airbus 320

TROPICANA AIRLINES (Fictional too) Boeing 737-800

FRONTIER Boeing 777-300ER

Hope you’ll enjoy them! Bye!


That “Ice Air” livery actually looks very nice! Good job


Thank yo man! :)
Glad to hear it!


For some reason, I start thinking about orange juice when I hear Tropicana Air. Perhaps they should be shipping their orange juice on planes instead of trains…


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what’s next, capri sun airways?


And Calypso will be flying in soon


No offense, but it kinda looks like the Pizza Hut logo.


Attention all NewfAirers, Our first plane is rolling out of KBFI and we have a new Retro livery



Just for some feedback:

I need your help, IF Community! I may or may not be designing an aircraft in TWA colours. Due to the variety of schemes, I’m still not sure which one I should choose. So I left it up to the community: what’s best?

  • The “Dual Stripe” Livery
  • The “Double Globe” Livery
  • The “Red and Black” Final Livery

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In addition, I’d love to hear your thoughts on exactly what you prefer.

  • Liveries of Aircraft Currently in Service
  • “Fantasy” Liveries of Aircraft
  • No preference
  • I don’t want more liveries

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Sorry, Didn’t get it


Orange juices? Why? Have I some copiright problems now that I don’t know?


Tropicana is an English drinks company.



Wow I love them how did you do them???