Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Right now, I currently use GIMP to edit templates (which is downloadable here), which works on both Mac or Windows. Then, you simply open up the template, add your desired livery, and save it/export it as a new image. This can be done using many different image editors (including MS Paint and the like), however I find Photoshop and GIMP’s layering systems to be better than other editors. Tutorials exist on the internet, however I can PM you a step-by-step if you need it.

Side note: PSDs (Photoshop files, which are used for some templates) will only work in either GIMP or Photoshop.


Quick Update II:

  1. Rather than continually post each new livery I create, I figured it would be easier to unveil them in weekly posts every Sunday.

  2. I will be taking requests, that will be posted on the Sunday after you request a specific livery.

  3. I may also be able to create liveries for VA’s, although due to their design may take longer and would require more work – specific due dates cannot be offered, but an estimate will.

  4. Feedback would be much appreciated; please let me know what I can do to improve my skills.

Without further ado, I present the liveries of this week!

Although American Airlines has MD-88’s, their quick retirement from their fleet meant they never got to be repainted in their newest colour scheme. Thus, I figured it’d be interesting to see what that’d be like.

With Alaska Airlines slowly beginning the process of repainting 737s into their new livery, I thought it’d be interesting to keep one around with sharklets before they’re all repainted.

This is a request from @AppleOneGT at the turn of February. Like the B6 A350, I figured I’d go back over all previous commitments and finish their liveries.

Similar to the AA MD-88, DL actually transferred some 747-200s from Northwest during the merger, which unfortunately were stored and either scrapped or sold without seeing new colours or being in revenue service with DL. Still interesting to see what it could have looked like though!

This aircraft has always been one of my favourites – the CC-150 Polaris. This is an A310 that has been converted for combi-use and refuelling, and is an essential part of the RCAF. Even as an American, I find this short stubby aircraft is a delight to see, and considering that one has flown the PM around, is interesting considering Canada remains one of my favourite countries.

The Level A330 is self explanatory – the livery mostly exists due to the recent first flight of LEVEL just a few days ago.

With the recent deliveries of newer planes to Iran Air, I figured it’d be interesting to paint in A321 in their colours just to have an example of the newest aircraft IR has after decades in the dark.

As a Korean-American, I figured it was only worthwhile to have a 747 painted in Korean Air colours. Considering only 3 airlines fly the 747-8, it was a no-brainer to have it in KE colours because there was going to be few chances to ever use the template again.

KLM remains one of the few airlines I hold dearly – this example, PH-BFG, is still my most memorable aircraft in their fleet. Back in August, I flew down to SXM for the sole purpose of seeing the KL 744 land before they were gone, and it just so happened to be that it was this aircraft I got to see.

Also one of the airlines I love most is Swiss, mostly due to their attention to design, detail, and their pleasant simplicity. After the collapse of SR, I figured an MD-11 serve well as a symbol of the resurrection of Swiss and the restoration to excellence.

This is more of a historical repaint – considering UA has flown almost all varieties of the 737, and currently has orders for the 737MAX, I figured it was neecssary to see what a UA 732 would look like today.

Last, but not least, is a WestJet 789. With their not-so-recent order, I figured this would be a quick repaint to envision the future of both WestJet and Canadian aviation as a whole.


A good Aircraft manafacture to do that on would be Pilatus. There motto ‘Crafted in Switzerland’.


How do you do that, or which app do you use?


how do you do that, do you use an app


How do you do that, do you use an app


Where did you make that


Great work! My request would be the Delta A350 up for delivery.


@Skylines Could you do the NetJets 737?
I have included the template

Here is a picture of the Aircraft:


Introducing Newfair

I tried but you can’t really see the tail as I’m a beginner


After a lot of trying I finally did it.


I’m still new to this


Someone made this for you. Take it down, please.


That’s quite an accusation you just made… do you have any justifiable evidence that @Bruno_Latour didn’t create it except your gut?


well I did the livery plan and Vision on AE made it 3D for me so its 50% me 50% vision. Slow down captain Accusation


He explained it above.

Also, with that logic, @Bruno_Latour, maybe give credit next time. :)


Little Chief DC-6A by Latour Corporate
made by: Me
Credits : Meds (AE) for blank template


Photoshop is your best option for designing, as it includes more paint tools along with editing factors which I find easier to use after some time. Defining down to the pixel.

I hear GIMP does a sweet job as an alternative.

@NetJets_Nick, sorry man but busy for designing now days. Won’t have time.


Update of the week:

First off, here’s the @NetJets_Nick 737-700, N191QS.

Next, an Air Canada 777-200LR.

Third, @staffordmark7871’s A350-900 in Delta colours before delivery.

Next, the official Dutch Government Fokker 70, one of the least known presidential aircraft, that happens to be one of the few aircraft that has been made by, owned by, operated by, and run for one country.

Next up, a Qantas 757-300. This would be a total CASM killer on the Triangle routes, especially during high-volume times, and would be the ultimate companion of the 737 series.

Then, an SAS 717. Technically, an SAS group member Blue1 used to own 717s (most of which were sold to Delta or Volotea), and never saw service in SAS colours despite having SAS operate the MD-80 series.

To keep the Scandinavian theme, here’s the Widerøe A319. Despite being a regional carrier, it would be interesting to see a larger aircraft be used for their service aside from the Embraer E2’s coming in the future.

To celebrate Pride month, I thought one of the few aircraft somewhat celebrating the LGBT community would be in order. TF-GAY, a Wow A330-300, was the example I chose.

After seeing @HockeyMan06’s NewfAir fleet, I though it would be interesting to put in a stylized whale on the tail of a 737-300 with winglets.
And last but not least, a bluer Norwegian 737-800. With the odd branding that Norwegian presents for a to-be Argentinian carrier (Norwegian Argentina?), I thought it would make more sense to replace Norwegian flag colours with the lighter blue of the Argentinian flag. Also, any suggestions for a person on the tail? I thought of Leloir, but wasn’t sure.


Thank you very much! The NetJets livery looks amazing!


Thanks I’m probably gonna change my fleet around now to that new tail. It’s lovely 😍