Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Where did you get the template? Great repaint by the way.👍


@Captain_Ed It’s a quick one, but I made a nice QF A350-1000 without the smaller roos on the engine and nose:

Once again, template credit goes to Medviation


Amazing, it looks a lot better with the “sunnies” around the cockpit windows.


Just about 4 months late, but there’s nothing that’s too late to be saved!

Once again, template credits go to Medviation.


Do you do art in school? 😉


I really like this website!!


I figured that I’ve been making a bit too many A350 templates, so I went for its older brother, the A330, in ANZ colours:

template creds to Medviation, as always


Worth the wait definitely!


I did 2D and 3D art for two years at school.


You know that AAL A380 I “failed” at making 3 months ago? I found out all it took was 3 hours, a day off, and a lot of grey paint to make it. And here it is:

template credit medviation


But has low cost been around for this long?

template creds to Medviation


Omg that looks amazing!


Niiiiice dude (20 characters)


Those whites lines along the perimeter…


It’s called what happens when you use GIMP because you don’t have the storage space for Photoshop. I’m eventually going to rework all of these in PS to make them a lot better, but for now that’s all I got.


Ah, fair enough. I’m still pretty sure there is a workaround for that; I’ll pm you if I find it. :)


Progress update:

  1. The link does not work anymore, as I have liquidated the airline to better focus on my personal life.
  2. Before liquidation, a new livery was created and applied to the fleet. The logo on the tail was meant to symbolize 2 stylized, interconnected waves, and colour schemes were based on the colour of the sea.


I have the template but how do I paint it


He is permanently suspended, so will not be replying. PM @Skylines for advice. Or just tag him here!


how did you do that, did you use an app if so please tell me