Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


The a332 is in the AAL fleet.


Did you succeed in making an AAL A380?


I tried… and failed. I tried adapting a picture of an AA A320 and changing all the proportions, but nothing looks right on an A380 with such metallic paint and such weird proportions.


Some more that I have done


Nice, Qantas should make more retro liveries like that and they should buy a Concorde with the new livery for the centenary 😂. I like how the second livery has an eye on the kangaroo and the 747 engines have huge logos. Also it would be great if there were RFS Dashes or ATRs!


Haha that Jetstar DC-3. I couldn’t imagine a low cost that has been around that long ;)


I agree because they could be used for both tanker operations and firespotter operations


Yeah and they wouldn’t have to hire the expensive Hercules and DC-10


AeroSync Cargo “Blade” Livery


This thing looks amazing @AsianaIFVA !


The Aerosync one? BTW, I also applied for Aerosync cargo, but no response. Can you inform me about the progress of my submition?


check DM, I figure it out.



I did a Virgin Australia livery redesign:


Not exactly a redesign, however a concept look of Alitalia and Qantas liveries on the A350

It’s not perfect, but its my first time :)


Stuff I have been working on


I particularly like the black nose on the 747 - looks awesome!


The Qantas livery just doesn’t look right on Airbus aircraft IMO. Your designs look amazing though.


My new favourite


Thanks! I’ll try to do some more…