Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Repaint —>


Fresh out of the workshop:

Also find it at the top of the post /\


What paint software did you use?


Try a Jetstar A380



And @EdT I will start on it immediately!


It will look hilarious!



PS 13? If so, what tools are you using?


@Noroftheair I use, Brush tool, Eraser, Eyedropper tool, Gradient Tool, Rectangle tool, Lasso tool, Blending options, Horizontal Type tool, Clone stamp tool & Crop tools.

I use others but mostly these…

Also @EdT I have your A380 ready. I see what you mean by the A380 is hilarious but I made a different version to my own design. Hope it looks good!


Air France disguised as KLM


Yes, looks great! Could I set it as my user card background?


Yes sure! I don’t mind

Looking good @Noroftheair


If you don’t know what rex is its a regional airline in Australia. It doesn’t operate the B717 only smaller aircraft.


Make a Rex A320. Really nice btw.


My best one yet:


That is pretty nice did you get the template from Transparent Template Center?

It works the best with Photoshop


Yeah I did. I don’t have the money for Photoshop. If you could recommend a simple image editor for mac that is easy to use, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the feedback!


I know what you mean ha ha, let me tell ya I got PS cheap.

Anyway you can search the internet, I can’t really recommend much


@emir_sergio I made your Rex A320


Wow! That looks great!