Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


delta airlines Atlanta livery


American Airlines 727 and delta airlines 727 in new liveries


Can someone make me a US Airways 737-MAX!


Props if you could guess the two buildings on the plane.


@the777fan are the to buildings the Commerzbank Tower and the Gallileo tower?

@Air_New_Zealand08 ATR 72 Qatar sorry it took so long!


My contribution to this months Fleet, Icelandair 767
BMI regional and British Airways 767


@AndroidPilot how do you make them transparent? How do you get rid of the white?
@the777fan how do you make your amazing designs


Which version do you like better?


@Matt737 Top version! I prefer the black background… how do you make them?


I use and Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


And what templates, I like the shiny effect! Is that in computer

  • American A320 (New Livery)
  • British Airways MD-80
  • U.S military A320
  • Thai A320
  • Stobart Air 747-8

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The templates are Medviations, you can find them on



Any requests? I’ve got time right now.


For this month’s FLEET, I thought I’d go back in time and bring back the old Icelandair livery.


A321 Emirates. Good luck 😉


delta 732 and 733


Can you please make an Air India A350


@aviationconcepts they look great…