Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I have one its not high quality just let me find it.


Thanks when will we start judging the A350’s on the Judging PM?


We are waiting for your vote we have voted.

This is an edited template that was a regular white template I hope its ok.


What do you mean by my vote has been voted?


Here you go @Qantas737guy. Sorry it took so long, I was in school


America a350 with special paint on winglets


This is an old plane I designed. It’s a failure


Not really complete but Boeing 757


The winner of the A350 contest is @aviationconcepts Joon A350

Congratulations and thank you all who entered


@Qantas737guy I also happened to do one for you and Im really quite proud of it! Hope you like it!


Competition Time
This time the competition will last 3 weeks and there is no template and no airline just a theme of Christmas. We do not vote on quality as much as design so if you are not the best or even do a hand drawn design you will be on a level playing field as the high quality and realistic ones. Good luck from the judging team @AndroidPilot @HockeyMan06 @United-Express


Competion Example
As this is a slightly different approach to doing the competition I thought I would do a quick example for you. Kind regards @HockeyMan06, @United-Express and @AndroidPilot!


Thank you so much I really appreciate it


@aviationconcepts you deserved it! How do you do them?


Virgin 767 and 777


Mine, BlueWings and BlueWings Regional



@Jerry_Chen wow there quite good
Could anyone make me a CRJ200 British Antarctic Servey


Can someone please make a WOW air 787-8


Do you mean British atlantic survey.
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First two of my Air Canada ‘Cities’ series. Next one I’m planning will be ‘Montreal’ on an A333.