Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


And people waited until now to say… 😐


And where would I post my liveries exactly?!


Well we don’t want to sound harsh, do we?


I’m confused. You said none of my liveries deserve to be here, so then I said “Where would I post my liveries then?” Them you said here! 😅


Well if you improve on your livery making a lot of people would probably start liking them. I never said you can’t continue posting stuff here ;)


If it makes everyone happy, I’ve deleted that post. 😊


Know of any websites where I can overlay the windows and doors over a logo?


I love your edits. Other than @N644US & @aviationconcepts your one of my preferred editors. Along with @United-Express.

EDIT: and @Matt737


Aww thanks get much! 😁


What about me???

just kiddin lol


I like your a planes alot!


Here are two I did a year ago
I downloaded fonts, cut out logos etc.

(Click for full quality)


How does this look?


Getting there! It definitely looks more realistic, I must say. Maybe use a grey pen for the windows instead.


Yeah, I agree! . . .


Someone please do a Pan Am A350, but in this livery:


Perhaps this is what you meant by Air Tahiti Nui?


@Kizzair Kenya Airways Cargo 747-8F

I couldn’t find a tail logo for it so it doesn’t look to great! I can do it again if you want
@Joseph_Krol coming right up!


This months fleet icelandair 787.


frontier airlines 737-700 landing at Toulouse