Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Can someone please make a Hawaiian Dash 8 (Q400) and a Singapore Airlines MD-11 please!


This months fleet is Icelandair, it’s nearly Christmas so why not choose and airline that goes to a snowy place. There fleet consists of 787, 757, 767, 737 Max. For a real challenge you could even try the Aurora Borealis livery.


Wait, Icelandair has MAXes?! Also they’re getting a 787!


Really I didn’t know there getting 787s but there are getting maxes


Yeah! They’re getting A 787 should I say!


Oh cool I’ll ad it to fleet list


Right, Imma get to work!


Yeah cool you better!


They definitely have some aircraft with split scimitars. Like the 757. Also, they ordered a 787-8 but handed the order over to Air Niugini.


Icelandair 757-200!


I will keep 787 for it as it’s a bit of an interesting one


@Air_New_Zealand08 Wow decembers First Fleet


So we have the weekly template challenge and FLEET. I’ll now start a challenge! A random airline will be picked every 2 days and (if you wanna) you gotta make the livery on any aircraft if that makes sense. Today’s one is British Airways One World livery (On any plane BTW!)!


@Air_New_Zealand08, it’s a bit of a push, but here’s a BA OneWorld Grand Caravan: (maybe regional sevices?)

Template credit Norebbo.

Leave requests down below!


This months fleet was kinda rushed


What do you mean by rushed?


I love looking at everyones creations but some are just not worth posting as they are literally pictures on top of each other, it kind of degrades your other work. Only post the best that look realistic. Just what I think anyway, post what you like but having a one world logo just plastered on a plane isn’t really designing your own livery or repainting it.


Im not one to put people down but the logo isn’t even all on the plane.


I thought it was rushed. I was half asleep when I made it


Oh ok well remember you have all month to make it!