Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint



Qatar Airways dc-10 and 747-100

  • South African Airways A380
  • Virgin Australia CS-300
  • Spring Air China 737-MAX-8
  • S7 Airlines CS-300 One World Livery
  • LEVEL A340-600
  • UPS A330-F

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Atlantis Airlines: Daily Flights from LHR & LGW to EWR & JFK!


Air NZ CS-100!


A350-900 BA

757 BA Open Skies 757 South African

Any requests leave them bellow


Here’s a thing that’s super silly! image


Wait what is this meant to be, sorry? I don’t think your photo fits in this topic.


BA Open Skies 787!


A silly image that’ll never happen! (Made by me)
I couldn’t put the logos on the physical plane without them nearly vanishing!


Maybe you could try cutting the logo where the engine and fuselage meets? Also to make it even better you could put an overlay of the exit doors over the logos.


I literally have no idea how to overlay the windows etc. over any logos lol!


Some photo editing software/websites allow you to erase part of a photo. You could use that to cut a window out of a template.


@HockeyMan06, I have three A350’s for the competition:

First, Korean:

Second, KLM:

And thirdly, Ryanair:

Templates credit Norebbo.

Hope I win, and I’m open for requests anytime!


Alright I’ll enter it in the contest


United a321


I enter all these into the contest @HockeyMan06


What about this months FLEET?


@N644US @aviationconcepts could either of you try a Qantas A350 (in the new livery) please because they might order some. Also to contribute to the livery competition ;)


I’ve already made one!


Quick design sketch of the sunjet NYC livery