Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Thanks. I am open for suggestions.


I used preview (lol) because it’s really easy to use. Then I took a Dornier Do228 template; specifically this one:

then I took an ATR template; specifically this one:

then I took parts off the ATR and fit them to the Do228.


The Dornier 228 kinda looks like an ATR72 lol! Still looks good though!


@HockeyMan06 that’s the one


Can someone please redo a air nz plane


What sort of type of plane?


Ok illl do it for you


Here is you Air Chatham @United-Express


The winner of this weeks competition is @CathayPacific


Oh wow! Thank you so much!!


Well done! @HockeyMan06 thanks! @AndroidPilot could I be in judging team this week?


Of course you asked already.


Competition 2
For this weeks competition you need to make a livery for this A350

You have until December 5th at 11: 59AM EST to get your plane done. If you have any questions feel free to pm me about it

Note, you can use a different template, just make sure it’s a A350

Also note there will be a new contest which I’m looking forward to sharing with you



delta airlines a330neo


two things I like in one apple a350


Where did you find that template for the A330 NEO?!


Wow, that is absolutely stunning. Fantastic work.


I made it using the medviation a330 and a350 plus the winglets and mask were customed by me also I put everything together


Ahh ok that makes sense now!


Contribution! And why not make a remake of the first computer made plane I made!