Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Thank you so much i really appreciate it


@aviationconcepts How do you do it?


Cardig 777F (Fictional)


Today is your last chance to enter our competition. Tomorrow the judges will chose the best. Thank you to all entrys.

  • Cessna 208 British Airways
  • A340 American
  • 787-9 jet blue
  • 767- TUI
  • A380 Easy Jet Orange Carrot livery

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@HEYEY Here’s PK-AWE after a bunch of effort


And a South African Airways A350!


Thanks! It looks great!


allegiant md-80 new livery


Can someone please make an A350 in the old Airbus House livery!


Here’s a reference image: images


I would say it’s amazing for someone’s 1000th plane. It’s beautiful @Casa!


Heres a fictional template I made:

The all new Dornier Do 228 Regional Turboprop! Longer fuselage, new engines, new landing gear, new T-tail, big cargo door. (All the “new” stuff was stolen from the ATR :P)

If someone has a load of time, can you please make a high quality template of this plane?

It’s an IPTN N245; hasn’t even flown it’s first flight yet but it looks sooooooo good! It’s based off the Casa/IPTN CN-235 if that helps. :)


I love that it is so cool!!!


@HEYEY so cool how did you make it?


RAF 737-700 based of of the RAF voyager based at RAF Brize Norton.


Neat work @AndroidPilot


Can someone make me an air chathams A320 Neo


This one