Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


Pixelmator for iOS, it costs money but its good.


Just now, or have you already been using it


This Turkish aircraft never seen before!

I made it.
Thank you med!


Everyone pls credit the template @Supersbad you are a big culprit of this and @Bazilpokie_Nose


Yeah @Supersbad I agree with @ThePraetorian you really need start giving credit to the template creator (Med).


The Turkish text is really off and the tail is too red.

And the Chinese flyer looks pretty ugly.


What’s this???

Template by med


So many partnerships that I’ve actually lost count. @ThePraetorian but great job on the GermanWings tail logo.


FlyXEG has a lot of partnerships, I cant remeber all of them! @ThePraetorian


Just finished my first ever livery! How does it look? Template by Med.


Looks good maybe you could add the aircrafts registration like G-TTNA which is a BA A320neo also the OneWorld logo could be a bit smaller.


KLM A310 in their new-ish livery
Aircraft Status: Stored At Victorville. Withdrawn From Use by KLM (never painted in their new-ish livery), leased to MEA and then retired. Converted to a freighter and operated by FEDEX then retired.

Livery done by myself.
Template by Med.


Will do, thanks for the feedback.


No problem happy to help only knew that the reg was G-TTNA as I saw it arrive into LHR a couple weeks back and I have the model on my wish list.


nice maybe make the sharklet blue


thanks @JAYLAF747 for your kind feedback


Don’t worry. I will make a poster some time to announce all of them


The sharklet isnt blue irl. Its a grey color that blends in with the color of the wing.


uMM guys.

Can anyone here or popping by make a template (Like meds) for me. On THIS plane. THIS PLANE IS FICTIONAL



Flybe X3
CityJet X2
British Airways X4
Air France X10
Lufthansa X25
Virgin Australia X1
Logan air X2
Aer Lingus X10
Delta X25
Emirates X40
FlyXEG X55
Praetex Air X13
FlyFanta X2

If anyone wants their fictional airline to order some then please pm me.


Range: 3,600nm
Seating MAX= 212
Length 40.1m


Please use a higher resolution image for the tail. If you want help, DM someone here.