Design Your Own Airline or Repaint 2


thanks, I watched a couple of your tutorials, they really do help.


Then I will for sure be creating more soon then!


Yeah, but I feel like there are places I can actually get people to give me criticism. The PM isn’t a bad idea, and I’ll consider making a discord if there is interest.


Ok, sad to see you go :(


One was created I want to say @Cayden_Smith has the link


Well then, I’ll PM him.



Yeah I was going for that look
Sence I started as a low cost airline


I know I behind in the conversation but I just woke up I think the reason why the quality has dropped is because school and this is my opinion as I think creators are dropping their quality as they are tired hence why Monday - Friday I only post 1 to 2 liveries until the weekend but I digress I can understand why you are leaving this thread not IFC I also get the feeling of me wanting to leave but that’s why I’ve slowly giving criticism.


I never knew American Airlines had 747s


Yeah they operated only the -100 variant though. Maybe the -200 but I don’t know if they did.


Turkish airline A321neo!


PLEASE Change the font


There you go that’s better


Look at this Turkish airlines ATR72!!!:p ;-)


I am considering leaving the IFC. I feel like there needs to be a thread on fictional airlines but ONLY for liveries. The IFC in my opinion does have some fundamental problems. In AE there are also things that I think is a problem. Maybe YouTube is the right path. At this moment in time I will be staying here.


Ok guys I am going to be working on an aircraft (custom) can anyone tell me how to make a reflection?


From the sun? Create a rectangle tool, blending options, opacity down to 50 or +.


im sorry don’t understand please take to pm


Welp, there are fundamental problems with this thread.
One: the mods. They want to protect everyone’s feelings, making it hard for critiques, most times also livery creators to feel welcome.
Two: the makers. They want to post just to post. Without perfecting their work at all, they just post. And that made the quality worse.
Three: leaving. Because of the two reasons above, a lot of people left. And without their quality liveries and criticisms, the quality drops even more.
I will stay. I don’t know for how long tho.