Delta belly on Boeing 737-900


That’s absolutely awesome! I appreciate your support! This is my favorite aircraft to fly in (after the 767-300) 😉 I hope we get more votes. This feature had about 80 likes, so I’m kind of confused why aren’t there more votes. Come on Delta fans, please vote! We need this 😍


I agree they do have bigger things to work on but it would make the game more realistic and it would look cool it is also for people on the ground watching planes so they know what company it is


This should be on more planes than just the 739.


Delta VA would very much appreciate this feature! That’s a Vote for me! :)



Delta orders an additional 10 Boeing 737-900ER aircraft! Bringing to a grand total of 130!



I just did some more research & found out that the first Delta belly was painted on the 737-900 so this would be perfect to add.

One other comment: this would be so cool to see when Global comes out & all of these planes at KATL. 😍🙌


Does anyone know if this would require a 4K texture to complete?


Previous devs have said adding text on the underbelly of older aircraft, e.g 737, would make the text would render poorly.


It’s based on certain aircraft whether it can be done or not I believe but hats up to the devs to comment on.


I wonder if it’s possible? I wish someone that’s a staff member at IF could please answer this. (Especially since it was the first aircraft to have the Delta belly) 🤔 the new A321 has it 😍


The older aircraft models such as the 737 don’t have the cabibilty to add this as they have a older rendering system. This will probaly come with a 737 rework.

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Thank you for finally answering this


Yes I’m bumping up this feature request, it deserves more votes! Come on Delta fans!


We know you want it, but it’s unlikely to be added until a 737 rework…


It would be nice to see added! Although a cockpit rework is in order… #KeepClimbing #Tailstrikes


Don’t listen to negative people I think this would be a great addition


I’m sure we’ll get this when the 737 family is reworked. Currently putting a delta belly text on would make it blurry and pixelated. Not great if you ask me.


That would be s nice small feature but there are other more important things on the waiting list