Delta belly on Boeing 737-900


Maybe it could come with a possible B737 rework, many are in favour of this so we will have to wait until then which may be a few years then I guess.


It would have to be a rework, as the core model would have to be changed.


Why would it have too?


The way the textures are done, the bottom is stretched to a theoretical infinity at the bottom. The textures are like looking at a plane from a horizontal side view. There are ways to fix this like separating the uvw mapping into top and bottom, however this can introduce stretching in other places.


The 737 needs a rework?
Seems to fly just fine, here.

In any case. As I tried to say earlier… I agree with you that Global likely won’t be delayed by requests like these. Just look at the rest of features forum and you’ll see 1,000 other things that haven’t seen the light of day and 950 of them likely never will.


I don’t fly the B737, I think it’s fine also but I have seen many want a rework so I suggested in a few years likely when other planes are more advanced they could do this and add the new belly addition to the liveries as apparently it can’t be done with the current models.


This would be cool to have.


Thank goodness another request like this one was requested :). I asked for this on the a330 a while back and seeing this gives me hope that it’ll come eventually. if 61 people enjoyed the old one i can only imagine with this…


Since when do u look at the bottom of a plane in if (I don’t)


I agree, at first I didn’t see the need until I saw how cool it was on the 787.


Tell that to the Emirates A380 that they added the belly logo to in IF. Lol. It just looks cool to the people nearby I guess. Other users in live will see it, trust me.


59 likes in 2 days thank you everyone! Let’s aim for 100+! This feature would be so awesome!


Would surely be a great addition to the livery on IF. Hope it happens!


I totally agree! I’m NOT asking for all of the Delta planes to have this ‘feature’, only the Boeing 737-900 🙏😍

Update I recently asked a moderator on the forum & found out that a rework is NOT required to add this specific detail to this specific plane.

So please don’t let a few ‘specific’ previous posts on this feature request to alter your decision in liking this topic.


I see these taking off from KMSP sometimes. Nice plane and the “delta belly” would really a fun little detail that makes it look a whole lot more realistic.


I completely agree! Especially since there’s going to be 120 of the Boeing 737-900ER in the fleet.


It is good advertising for the airline in real life, and it does look pretty cool. Emirates and Air Berlin also have it. (I might have missed a few airlines, feel free to correct me)


I really hope this gets more votes because it was in the top 20 & had over 80 ‘likes’ or so before the voting thing. (not complaining, just hoping it won’t change the probability of having this feature added to this plane) it’s so gorgeous & just think of the awesome screenshots you could get. It’d be the most realistic too! Plus Delta has 120 of these planes (confirmed orders & deliveries too)


Unfortunately I’m out of votes.


I support this even more now that I actually seen a delta 737-900 I think it was leaving PANC with the delta belly