Delta belly on Boeing 737-900


A good amount of Delta Boeing 737-900 planes have the ‘Delta belly’ . If they don’t—they are currently in the process of doing so & other plane types in the fleet as well. They have a confirmed order of 120 of these aircraft & already over half have been delivered.

This would be so amazing to have as an update. Especially since the Boeing 787 order was cancelled & I’m ‘guessing’ it will be removed from the app (the Boeing 787 is the only plane in the app with the Delta belly) , also ‘if’ the Delta Airbus A321 is not added (I hope the A321 Delta livery will be added) at least may we have this? Pretty please?

**** by the way I’m only kindly asking for this one plane to have it, they are all brand new (Delta will be using them for quite a while & [Delta] will use them as the Boeing 757-200 replacement for domestic routes) — they are slowly retiring older Boeing 757-200 domestic planes.

Photo Credit: Delta

Update, I recently asked a moderator on the forum & found out that a rework is NOT required to add this detail to this plane.


They have better things to work on than small additions like this. Besides, who stares at the belly of their aircraft in cruise anyway? Wouldn’t be a very noticeable feature.


It’s on the Boeing 787 (in the app) but the order was cancelled (in real life) so I kindly thought this would be ok to request. And it must be important enough in real life to spend thousands of dollars to paint that on the fleet.


I wouldn’t mind seeing this :)


I think it’s a great idea Jason, I too would love to see this. Don’t worry about what Cleopatra or whatever his name was thinks 😉


Yes like Global.


@cleipelt & @zbelle if you kindly read the entire post I explain why such a ‘small request’ also please look at Delta belly on Boeing 737-900 & the link to the actual article & that most likely (at least in my personal opinion, it’ll probably be longer than you think for ‘Global’ to be done) but please stay on topic on the feature request post & please respect it, (there’s multiple other ‘small requests on the forum’ & also other posts to talk & promote global) I’d sincerely & deeply appreciate it. Thank you.


Well, obviously they aren’t going to cancel global for a new livery, so you have an invalid argument…


This would be a great realistic feature! When planes come over my house, all I see is the Delta belly.


I want this!


Stop being so grumpy please. I really don’t appreciate seeing the first response to a cool feature request criticising it for no good reason.


If Copa just have their logo in the belly 🙄 But this very nice and I support it.


I love Delta Belly! Caught it on a maddog not a while ago. And about the Delta 788, I doubt it’ll be removed.


Also it’d be an awesome reason to use the bottom view on the camera 😉 And would create amazing screenshots & videos too! Plus seeing it while taking off & landing at airports. 😍


I love the idea! The only one with the Delta belly is the 787 and if they do a 737 update they should definetly add that!


This annoys me so much, any request is met with the usual they are working on global so don’t request something small like this. We request so they can be added whenever in no particular order and not sacrificing work on anything else. Because we support this does not mean the developers will choose this other global.


Great request, needed for this stunning livery. :)


People against this: please read this Delta belly on Boeing 737-900 & the entire post on the feature request. Also please stay on topic about the actual feature request & respect it please. There’s a Southwest Belly request & other ‘small things’ in your opinion that are posted here on the forum & you’re only disrespecting mine. This is my first feature request & I’m being bashed 😭


Your not being bashed but some incompetent people can’t handle a simple feature request, don’t worry about them. :)


Like the WN request, due to the size of this marking it would not be possible given the current state of the 737 models.