Decals for generic aircraft


I was just painting my Mercedes AMG GT on my PS4, and I thought that we should be able to customize the generic aircraft with decals such as flags, letters, numbers, Aircraft Company Logos, etc. Like I did with this car:

Community Livery Creation Program?

It would indeed be cool to have such a tool in game. Unfortunately it is not trivial so it is not something we have planned for the near future.

Edit: what game is this?


Its the new NFS 2015, that came out. The PC Version comes out next year.

Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint

What DJ said, but it indeed would be a good feature ;)


Nice idea but this would probably be difficult to implement. Also would they show up on live, or just for you locally?


Patriotism much? Anyway as said this wouldn’t be good due to the minority of immature children who would put gentleman’s sausages on their planes, which would call for more moderation.


just realised this is from November 2015 😂


Haha yep. Moderation would be an added cost with this.


It says “one year later” though 🤔

The only way I would think this to be good idea if there some sort of preset colors, shapes, etc. This way the user is limited to what is offered but can still make their own designs


“Gentleman’s sausages” Dude, you owe me a keyboard! Coffee came out of my nose and mouth. Reminds of my Call Of Duty Game Battles Days.


When you know that Phillipe is a petrol head apart from the aviation geek