Copying Flight Aware and SimBrief FPL to Infinite Flight


A big “Thank you” to you🛬👍🏼🛫


Chris, I’m no coding expert, but I may have a fix for the waypoints that show up across the world. There could be a pop up menu for each waypoint that is in 2 places, so a made up example may be waypoint LLAMA is in the USA and there is another LLAMA in say, South America. The pop up menu that I brought up can have 2 options, 1 for each waypoint. Then you choose the one that is on your flight plan. I’m not sure if this would work, or how it would work, but just a suggestion.


This must be a Noob question but how do I paste the FP onto iPad FPL
There’s no paste button appearing?


There you go:

Then just paste it in the search area on the map.


Wanted to take a moment to thank @Chris_S for taking the time to develop and share this outstanding new program. I just completed my first flight from KORD to KDCA on the Expert server and inputting the flight plan was flawless! Thanks again.


@Chris_S. MaxSez: Your acquiring a duty expert reputation and an IF Star legend young man. I hold you in extremly high regard, “Well Done” again! Here’s another BZ,



Thank you so much for this!


Tried copying using both the iphone and the ipad. The copying command doesn’t seem to be working. But it does work when I do it on my computer.


You don’t need to use the copy command. Just hold on the text itself until you have a blue highlight, then drag it across the whole flp, and then tap copy (the standard iOS copy).


What he said ^^^^^^^^^^^


Right, obviously…My post was to let the team know that the command isn’t working, not necessarily to find a way to copy the Flight Plan. I’m sure if it wasn’t your intent to miss the point.


Yeah its a webpage. Trying to make it work with all different types is a bonus. If it doesnt work, highlight and use the copy and paste as a backup.

I figured most will be on mobile since IF doesnt run on a PC so it makes it sort of pointless.

I threw it in last minute as a nice to have. Will see about updating it.


Oh, yea, sorry. I guess I misundertsood.
Although I still think that it isn’t the most necessary thing in the world, because you can copy it on both mobile and computer easily.


Yea it definitely adds a bit more of a convenience. Superb job nonetheless.


Nice! Tried it today and it works perfect!


This is awesome! What’d you use to build it out? One thing I mentioned to Laura on Twitter is that it’d be even nicer if Infinite Flight supported app/deep linking like “infiniteflight://plan?points=RATTO,WOMEX,NSIGN” which would launch Infinite Flight and use the plan passed in (or prompt to replace if a plan already exists for a session).

I was looking into doing something similar, but using FlightAware’s API so you could search by origin/destination, select a particular flight, and get the flight plan for it. Probably with an app on the device that would connect to the IF API and send the flight plan over. When I was working on this before, I was going to analyze waypoints by making sure that the distance between two waypoints wasn’t too large.


Yes thanks, this is the std iPad thing. The question may not have been clear:
I am able to copy and past one way point at a time but thing I want to know is can you past the full FP into the IF FP in one go?


Oh yes. Add the departing airport, the waypoints and fixes, then the airport you are arriving at. Put that all together, copy and paste all that into the search area on the map.


Will try this out. Thanks very much


Check out the tutorial videos. That may help.

I also just updated the copy so see if it works on iOS now.