(COMPLETED) FlySwiss Virtual / dynamX air show @ LSZH - 251900ZFEB18


Server: Casual

Region: Switzerland

Airport: LSZH

Time: 1900Z

Aircraft A319 Swiss, A320 or A321 Swiss

NOTAM: Please spawn 10 minutes early for pushback, @Captain_Zen will request for pushback first for the air show, which will be about 15 minutes. Do not pushback until @HockeyMan06 requests pushback

Route for air show
It’s a small display, more details from @Captain_Zen

Route for Swiss VA flight

Celebrating our new va, we have decided to partner with our friends at dynamX to provide you an air show / flight. We will start with the dynamX team performing and then after they land, the Swiss VA group will depart to Geneva with the fighter jets following us.

This event is sponsored by dynamX

Air show gates

Apron C 51 @Captain_Zen
Apron C 52 @BrunoHeinsAAT
Apron C 53 @Nate_Schneller
Apron C 54 @David_Beckett
Apron C 55 @DeltaMD88Fan

Swiss VA flight gates

Apron D 06 @HockeyMan06
Apron D 07 @Nidhish_Kataria
Apron D 08 @Sanely_Dreamer
Apron D 09 @United-Express
Apron D 10 @ratul_sen
Apron D 11 @SlimeFlyer
Apron D 12 @luedze
Apron D 13 @William_Chin
Apron D 14
Apron D 15
Apron D 16
Apron D 17

If you are apart of Swiss VA, you can log your flight on our slack channel


If you are not a part of Swiss VA, sign up on our website to get double the hours when you log your first flight


Thanks for joining us and stay tuned for our next event

FlySwiss VA 🇨🇭 | Swiss Precision is what we offer | Over 730hours logged!
FlySwiss VA 🇨🇭 | Swiss Precision is what we offer | Over 730hours logged!

Wow that’s a great post! Very detailed and loving the pictures!

Should be able to cover tower and ground at both airports but will get back to you on that closer to the time although put me down with a ? next to my name! Just wondering I may of missed it but how long is the flight approximately?


It is approximately 30-45 minutes


Great! Put me down for ATC and I will confirm 100% soon!


what date is it taking place


The 25th, Do you want to join


I am already in I’m just checking what date it son


Apron D 08 is yours, see you on the 25th at 1900z


What gate can I have?


You should do this Airshow in the casual server…


count me in… for the event


@United-Express Apron D 09 is yours, see you at the event

@ratul_sen Apron D 10 is yours, see you at the event


@HockeyMan06 he is correct please change it. I don’t want any of the pilots getting violations.


@HockeyMan06 do note that on casual there is no atc though…


Shall we do this in training or expert so we can have atc


Think it is better and more organised


No, because for the airshow we can’t do it on expert. We’d get violations otherwise


Would you want to join the event?


I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend :/


Ok that’s fine I thought