[Completed] Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Wednesday Charters Vol. 1 @ CYYZ - 182345ZAPR18


The Toronto Blue Jays are heading to New York City to go battle out the New York Yankees! Air Canada Virtual has a contract for select games to transport the Blue Jays to their away games. Our first will be this event! Expect these events every other Wednesday!

Flight Details:

Server: Casual

Aircraft: Airbus A319-100 [A319]
- Livery: Air Canada

Departure Airport: Toronto International Airport [CYYZ]

Arrival Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport [KJFK]

Date: Wednesday - April 18th, 2018 [04/18/18]

Departure Time: 23:45Z [2345Z] [?]

Projected Flight Time: 45 Minutes [45M]

Scheduled Arrival Time: 00:30Z [0030Z]


  • Please Spawn in roughly 5 minutes before our scheduled departure time

  • Runway for departure out of YYZ is expected to be 33R and the runway for arrival into KJFK is expected to be 04L. (May change due to weather conditions at time of event.)

  • Make sure you have enough fuel for the flight [10,000 lbs Should Be Enough]

  • Listen to all instructions given by ATC or another ACVA Pilot to ensure that this event runs smoothly.

  • After you land; stick around for Post Event Photos!

Flight Plan:


Cruising Speed: 320 knots [M 0.86]

Crusing Altitude: 24,000ft


You Dont Have To Be In ACVA To Partake in This Event!

Gate 165: @natedog508 - Event Leader
Gate 167: @HawaiiPilot10
Gate 169: @HockeyMan06
Gate 170: @Simon_Thompson
Gate 171: @ACVA206
Gate 172: @Trystan_Dupre
Gate 173: @rileymoyer
Gate 174: @B3ASTMOD3X
Gate 175:
Gate 176: @ILOVE7879
Gate 177: @NonBinarySkyYT

[More Gates Available]

Come Check Out Air Canada Virtual!

Air Canada Virtual Airlines Community Thread: Air Canada Virtual Official: Now Open for Business [Recruiting Pilots]

Air Canada Virtual Website: http://www.aircanada-va.weebly.com/

Air Canada Virtual Does Not Take Responsibility For Any Violations Recived During This Event

Air Canada VA | Canada's Largest VA!

Oh my, JFK on Casual? Sign me up for this…


I know! It’s gonna be fun! ;)

Gate 167 is yours


i might not be able to join but ill check and try!


Hmmm… Wait… What???


the world may never know what happened to that post


Alright! Should I give you a back gate?


Yes, I would like a gate.


I love the Blue Jays so I will join.


Gate 177 is yours


Gate 169 is yours! Love your profile picture


Thanks for the compliment, I can’t wait to carry the Jays to New York!


What time will this be in Australian Eastern Standard Time? (AEST)?


That’s gonna be 1100 for AEST (correct me if wrong)


Event is tomorrow!

Sign up now!


May I please have a gate?


I’ll think about it. Mabye


Gate 170 is yours!


Sorry, but I can’t attend this potentially epic event because I’m attending my father’s funeral on the 18th…


Its all good. Im sorry for your loss