[Completed] Aeroflot Virtual Groupe presents “Remembering Transaero” 🇷🇺 @ KJFK - 120400ZJUL18


Server: Training

Airport: KJFK

Time: 0400 (this will be Thursday for those of you located in the eastern hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania), but for people located in the Western Hemisphere (the Americas), this will take place Wednesday night)

NOTAM: Welcome to Aeroflot Virtual Groupe’s latest event, in which we will be remembering the once great Transaero. We will be flying from New York’s John F. Kennedy International airport to Moscow’s Vnukovo International airport. The former hub of Transaero.

Anyone may Join!

Pilots must fly between 30 and 36,000 ft while cruising.

Speed should be set between 0.85 M and 0.90 M while cruising.

I will be using the callsign Transaero 1, and anyone else must use the “Transaero” callsign.


May change due to weather

The flight will cover about 4050 nm and take about 10-11 hrs.

There will be two aircraft allowed on this route- the Transaero 747-8i and the Transaero A380-800. I will be using the 747-8i

If you would like a gate, please request one below
Terminal 4B gate:
35: @Thepolishdude
37: @ali_ali
38: @MrVladFeed
39: @Aeroflot641
41: @Northwest
More gates can be added as needed

Would you like to join Aeroflot Virtual?
To join, either PM me, email us at aeroflotvirtual.if@gmail.com, or visit our website at aeroflot-va-if.weebly.com 3

Thanks for your attention!


Sign me up for a gate.


Perfect, you get gate 39


Sign me a gate please!!


Of course, no problem


Done- you can take gate 37


Anyone else want a gate?


Choose gate for me, please


Ok, I’ll give you gate 38


Less than 8 hours left:).


Sorry for being this late, I have completely forgot converting Zulu times and realized I might not make it. Could you dismiss me from Gate36. Sorry


Ok, I will do that- no worries


Am i got it right, that left less than hour to start?


Yes, it should start in approximately 28 minutes


Everyone, please spawn in in approximately 7 minutes


Great flying pilots!


Anyone have pictures of this event?!?


Yes there is. Northwest and I took some shots.