Community Members Spotted on Live


Today I spotted @Recxx, YT Dus Spotter, and @Drew33950


@schyllberg I'll be your co pilot for today's flight to Doha on this beautiful 787 dreamliner 😉


Spotted @Cpt_Chris in the f-16 have a nice flight?


Yea, beutiful up here at 53,000 feet. Lol


Me, @NetJets_Nick, @DeerCrusher, @DeltaCRJ-900 landing at TFFR.(TS1)


You only wish you could be so lucky.


Spotted a few of y'all out there tonight over Oshkosh. @Mike nice to see ya sir. I also saw @DeerCrusher @DeltaCRJ-900

sorry deercrusher didn't catch a photo of ya just saw you in the SW corner of the map. 😐


Spotted @PH-AJO @dylan_dylan31 and @Mark_Denton in SoCal earlier.


Spotted @Brandon_Kreuter at KPIA


Hmm, wonder who the amazing controller was behind that one.. 😏


Just saw Croatia 1 (@Bare) at Oshkosh map! :)


I saw @MishaCamp @Bare @Breno_Santos @The_Flying_Scotsman @Panther
@International While flying in SoFlo.


Oh yeh, I forgot to add that picture :) 2 seconds


Saw ya landing at KFLL earlier, it was a nice landing btw.


Spotted @Kizzyjet landing at Tampa and @ewanfleming @Jdichter in the Miami area


@juanca at KTPA
@Darth_Sidious wandering in the airways of SoFlo.


I thought I might give the A330 some love as I haven't flown it in a while :)


I spotted @Snelweg_A15 and @Solocup during FNF.


Are those contrails?


No, contrails aren't coming to IF yet. That was probably Cam messing around when he got bored