Community Members Spotted on Live


Would it not have easier just to climb to FL400 plus and then you could have easily exceeded 550 gs and caught up sooner..since you were only about 9K from it anyway !!!


I have searched for a topic for this and haven't found it. But spotted misha on the expert server


I spotted Mark today on the Expert Server



All spotted on the Expert Server :)


@International Controlling London Heathrow
And me controlling Approach and departure


and a couple other people at the Turbulent Tuesday Event.


Yeah was bored so decided to take the challenge, got pretty chaotic towards the end.


Spotted at Tubulent Tuesday



@Joseph_Spinner is flying to Ireland in the Bombardier #whythebombardier #notanalphatester #suchasmallplaneforsuchalongflight #justajoke


For anyone who hasn't seen, that's a liveFlight as there are 2 waypoints with the same name in England and Australia


IFATC Training Session around New South Wales (Australia) and Australian Capital Teritory (Australia)

First Session


  • @Hezz (Controlling YSSY Tower and Ground, Great job as usual! 👍)
  • @LSZH34 (Controlling YSCB Tower and Ground if I'm not mistaken. Awesome controlling btw! 👍)

Second Session


  • @LSZH34 (Controlling YSSY Tower and Ground this time. But awesome service like in YSCB 👍)
  • @Sam_Keast (Controlling YSSY APPR. Thanks alot for the flight following to YSCB! 😊 )
  • @IFATC-Aditya (Controlling YSCB APPR. Thanks alot for the vectors to YSCB 😊)
  • @Matt_McDonald (Controlling YSCB Tower and Ground. Thanks for the service! 😉)



I saw you too taking off at YSSY with the Tower camera when I was cruising at FL370 ;)

Unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot :(


Im from Antigua Gorden


@Doug_Hamilton Controlling NUC appr while i did an unrestricted climb to FL500 in my F-16.


When was this? @Cpt_Chris


@Mark_Denton spotted departing Socal.


@Flo_Rauslg @Snelweg_A15 @Captain_Slow @CPT_Buccaneer @Tarek_Brahim @Rowdy_Kepler @Tom_Grollman


@MishaCamp 😱


I don't have a brother named Tim 😂


It's @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler not just rowdy haha