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Nice escort by @BART130 while I was trying out the 787-10 😉


Saw @Cameron_Brown at LAX.

Also, saw @Karis which I think was Karis_C
Who, despite multiple traffic advisories from both Cameron and me, he still landed on the inactive runway:( Expert without ATC is TS1. Even when your grade 4.


The wind was 6 knots @Will_A. Red doesn't mean closed. Had there been ATC it's likely that the 25's and 24's would be used.


Not an excuse, you follow traffic advisories! If all runways are green you cant land on them, you land on 1 which is the designated active runway. Not behaviour I'd expect from a community memeber I (used to) respect


Fine, my bad. Apologies to all.


@Darth_Sidious in London a little while ago.


@ewanfleming at NUC

@Gavin_Hertel at PSP

^Couple hours ago


We have a repaid police chase in casual with @Panther

He is going to be in a lot of trouble tonight 😠.


@Ksisky flight of 2 with American232


can you change your username on the website?


Am I confused? I see an F16 in break off position and possibly downed status and a stable and very much intact commercial jet lol. Whom shot down whom again?🤔😂


Mr denton almost shot me down with the ghost button, but his aircraft exploded into a missive plume of mountain dew before he can react.


That's massive by the way.. not missive..congrats as usual to auto correct...btw..why didn't you use that giant straw l sent you and suck it up !!!


(Sorry that I didn't take many photos)

Spotted Members


  • @art_martinez (YSSY APPR, Awesome vectoring!)
  • @Hezz (YSSY TWR and GND, Awesome service as always!)



Spotted you too! Some strong winds on approach!


Didn't see you, however the ATC flying in was top notch, thank you @art_martinez and @Hezz, very rarely do I say "thank you" before logging out but their ATC work was excellent.


Spotted @Maxmustang in SoFlo earlier.


IFATC Session at Sydney, Australia region

Spotted Members


  • @Doug_Hamilton (YSSY TWR and GND, Thanks for the amazing service at YSSY! 😊)
  • @GHamsz (YSSY APPR, Thanks for the service! ✈)
  • @Tim_B (YSCB APPR, Thanks for the awesome vectors and service! ✈)
  • @Hezz (YSCB TWR and GND, Been there for 4hrs but awesome service as always! 😊)



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