Community Members Spotted on Live


I saw @MarcelloM when I was about to takeoff at PHKO


I saw @IFATC - PlayKill


That's actually a fake IFATC I saw him on LiveFlight once and he was not IFATC


Thanks for notifying me of that!


@Darth_Sidious @International I belive liveflight only updated and adds the (IFATC) tag every few months, so he may be


Actually, IFATC - PlayKill is a fake IFATC as @International said above.
By the way, I believe LiveFlight can automatically tell if someone is IFATC or not, because ATC operations are not visible for non IFATC members. :)


Thanks, didn't know. I know someone who just got IFATC but it didn't show, might take a few days or something.


Thank you for the flight @Mike, your landing was much better than mine.


I was waiting after your arrival before I departure :)


@nicochile2 taxiing to parking

@Mattia_Bordoni was ahead of me all the way to Tampa

@ASH and @LSZH34 organizing Tampa airport as usual ;)


@DavidCutler @Joe @IFATC Flying High


@Tom_Grollman 🤔


He is @Tom_Grollman in IFC.


You like that don't ya ? lol


From that angle it looks like hovering...did not know we had a helo in the fleet !!!


Intercepting and shooting down skyhawk heavy @Mark_Denton #Alwaysgoforthekill


@Mark_Denton Spotted at KTPA

@MishaCamp spotted departed from KFLL

@Joe spotted taking off at KMIA


Where is the big explosion from the Sidewinder then !!!


The big explosion was at Runway 09 earlier today at KMIA when you landed 😄


@MishaCamp departed right as I arrived into KFLL 👍