Community Members Spotted on Live


I saw @ThomasR landing in a Cessna 208 at London City


I saw you in a 208, decided to take the 737 for a spin


I deleted the post because your profile and your actual in game name is kinda diffrent but still the same (makes no sense lol)


Oh I putted a c instead of a t but if that happens again, it's me.


@Nichalas_Petranek at EHAM in a B747


Hahaha I'm almost always in a 747. It's either that or a F22

And the awesomeness of this post number ignoring the 9...


Saw @creeto flying the 208 while i was on my xcountry flight in the Super Decathlon (149NM) also saw @Panther


I saw @mbmhwue148 as I was on final 08R at London Gatwick then he left then he respawned as i was taxiing to the gate. im youre new copilot!


Ok thanks for letting me know:P




Featuring @mbmhwue148 on his Norwegian

Spotted People

Spotted soo many people on my 1:31hr flight. Here are some of them. Hopefully I mentioned all of them as I forgot most of their names πŸ˜‚


I spotted you when you were on base at EGNX in a TAP 320


I spotted you when you were on final RWY 09 at London City :)


@Darth_Sidious @SingaporeAirlines thanks for spotting me :)

Saw you guys aswell on my way to EGNX ;)


IFAE Team flying in Socal tonight, here is one with Me, @art_martinez and @Nate_Schneller


thanks for the escort!


Spotted @ThomasR at PHTO just now. How was my landing ;)


Spotted @International again on his approach to 08L (most likely) PHNL but IF crashed when I was holding short runway 08L lol


Let’s say it was a nice touchdown ;)


I saw @Cameron_Brown When I departed from PHTO and when I arrived at PHNL