Community Members Spotted on Live


Nice picture and cool to hang out with you a little bit. We have to do more flights togheter @DeerCrusher :D


Spotted @DeerCrusher departing out of PDX not to long ago. Hope you enjoyed your flight!


Nice shot! It was a nice flight. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


Found @kuawit flying in the Singapore region, and when trying to form up on the plane, I may have entered a flat spin into the waters.


Spotted @InfiniteFlightGuy a while ago


Spotted @dush19, one of the testers, at Sydney today :)

Welcome to Sydney captain :)


I spotted @IFATC Flying High descending and landing into JFK.


Not me... someone else


Quick and awesome flight from KBOS at sunrise


Lots of people take my username...


I spotted @mbmhwue148 while departing from JFK.


@Darth_Sidious Saw you too ;)


What aircraft were you flying? I couldn't tell because I was on twitter.


You didn't tagged a user!(small info)


What do you mean? Which post?


@LX978 I saw it as a reply ;)

@Darth_Sidious I was in a JetBlue A320 :)


@Darth_Sidious @ThomasR @MaksimFerguson @Nate_Schneller and @Insertusernamehere


Thanks for the spot!


Spotted @THE-OP testing in SoFlo while I was making a flight as Reunion 67 Heavy.


Flown a Transavia flight to Rotterdam and I wasn't the only one apparantly. @Snelweg_A15