Community Members Spotted on Live


@Brandon_Sandstrom touching down at KDEN. You walked away from that landing ;-)


That was a rough one


Good!hope you enjoyed!


No I wasn't at that point buddy 😉





@RTG113 in TKPK :)

Thanks for coming


It was my pleasure sorry I disconnected I had some on and off connection issues so I didn't want to make it hard for you to give commands


@GHamsz @elisua @firefly_42 @Ivo_Gollner @Nick_Catalano landing at KFFR while I barely made it out before you guys came thru. I was EQ420 nice controlling BTW @GHamsz


I wasn't in the photo as you mentioned because I'm not a member of IFAE and my callsign is always N1NC, but I did come through a few hours earlier. ;)


@AdamCallow @Mike @Drew33950 and how could I for get the wonderful, talented @Infinite.flight I and a FUN time messing around at TNCM


You forgot to mention me nice photos dude


Shame on me, how could I forget the best IF pilot ever 😉😂


Why is there a grade 2 on expert, outside of the Hawaii region?


Illuminati confirmed!!!!


I saw @Panther at KEGE and @JoshFly8 at KASE, I also see @Samuel123abc Controlling KDEN 😊



Accidentally spotted @TripleOne on KLAX TS1 (Don't ask me why 😂). Please dont taxi into me again next time 😂


Thanks for sharing :-)


Saw @Tom_Grollman while i was taxing at KMIA he was landing in fort lauderdale Hi tom!


This was a while back tho