Community Members Spotted on Live


I saw you as an A380 at EGBB, I’m the A320 who was approaching as 9V-SMB 😂. I almost stalled when I keep my speed as slow as possible 😂


I literally went as fast as I could to keep you from doing a go around. I’m so sorry lol but the runway wasn’t to wide and I had limited space to turn 😂 Couple that with the pressure if taking off…man it was hard. But I did it :)


It’s was a while, but I saw @Jan at EHAM!


@Neeson52 spotted at PHOG :-)
Nice patterns and great landings! Thanks


Thanks for the spot. It feels good to get spotted by somebody outside of my VA for once :)


Saw @Ninetales and @Aquila while @a380fan controlled EDDK


No you didn’t!! That would be the first time ever someone spotted me if that’s the case.


I saw you as a C-130 😊


Yea, that was a mistake with winds that high…full rudder was not enough to counter that crosswind, lol.


Yeah winds were mortal.


I saw @Cpt_Chris at EHAM - I couldn’t get a picture. I also saw @miko99x.


Today I saw this people:



@Puncakes @Plane_Masta

I am sorry to other pilots who recognize themselves on pics I couldn’t find you on forum.


@Paul_petropoulos on my 2 o’clock at EHAM

@ewanfleming holding short 24 at EHAM


It looks like I am off the taxiway and over the hold short line
I didn’t do this!


Did a flight in a windy Amsterdam region on Expert just now, saw quite a few members:

@MarcelloM on Approach at EDDL

@Heavydriver on tower, also at EDDL (sorry about that accidental stand by I sent you!)

@Puncakes during the flight
I also saw @Chatta290 controlling Ground at EHAM! (Sorry - no picture)


I saw you aswell, hope you enjoyed your flight!


Yeah - as I said, quite windy!


It is a bug with the connection.


@NetJets_Nick & @Nate_Schneller in Amsterdam region.


@Michael in Amsterdam whilst I was flying overhead Düsseldorf.