Community Members Spotted on Live


Weird.. have no idea how that happened. Maybe I'm a dyslexic typer!


Saw @miko99x

Also saw @ewanfleming on Friday night flight


thanks for print screen, I saw you too @Agenterik while I was flying around with camera ;)


Well, it wasn't quite FNF yet so I turned up in a United 757


I clearly was not prepared as well, flying an Air Canada


nice to meet you again @Agenterik @ EDDK :D


funny, i did not realize that was you as I was trying to figure out which way you were trying to go 😄


yep, I got "lost" and at that moment I figured out where to go and you appeared in front of me :D


@Captain_Matt spotted using his great IFATC skills to give me a smooth departure out of EBBR


@Captain_Matt at EBBR tower! Nice work!


@BluePanda900 at Düsseldorf

@nicochile2 in line to land at Düsseldorf with a mighty headwind!


@nicochile2 landing at EDDL today.


Those winds were deadly! Did manage to get a surprisingly good landing considering the wind condition.


Yep had a gust of up to 230@48 knots when trying to land on EHAM 27.


Flying with @BigB tonight!

After two successful landings at a very foggy LAX.


Great APP ATC by @AdamCallow

And nice seeing @r3life as well


En route to EHAM with @Nayeem_Ahmed


Woah, this is the first time I have been spotted, no how could u 😂😂. I remember watching you like takeoff speedball waited for takeoff clearance and u seemed to be very heavy. Those wings were amazing.



I was ATC at TFFR (TS1) in the G/T frequency and I just left you want to know why?

Well some grade 2 pilots were very impatient and look they decided to revolt against me 😭😭

But I am about to become a IFATC very very soon (maybe tonight I am so excited!) so all this will end 😃

Thank you to all who were patient!


With @Andre_Solgren_Nilsen after a landing at LAX. Great flight!