Community Members Spotted on Live


The great @Bulba with @Captain_Matt on ATC:


Well hello sir! @captain_matt


And there’s @Captain_Matt !


@david.harper @Gavin_Hertel… You guys are making me feel like a celebrity… 🤗


Always have to support a great person! I see you were flying then spawned back at KSAN, you must’ve of crashed?


That’s strange. I haven’t crashed, and have only been at KSAN once today to my knowledge.


You’re plane must have not loaded because all I saw was your square. My bad lol!


I’m the CCX But if you know who you are tag yourself. This was at at KPIA ON 3/14 2326Z


@DeltaCRJ-900 doing who knows what in the Caribbean


Awesome! :-)
Thanks for sharing!


I saw @gadget_pilot in the Caribbean region, hopefully making a video 😉.


@Jake_Rogers spotted at LAX


@Captain_Matt nice to see ya while I was inbound to KMIA and rocking the dash 8 like always I love this bird too.


Spotted @sapper ;)


@DeerCrusher on a parallel runway at KLAX finishing up a NetJets flight.

All passengers safe and happy at LAX.


I think you mean NetJets…


Today surprisingly, I got my Live after I guaranteed a permission from my parents. I’m really happy right now!

Spotted @Panther as Seletar TWR and GRD and @Riley as Singapore Approach 😊


Good to hear that you got your Live subscription again!


Spotted @mishacamp on Kuala Lumpur with RJ livery on it’s way to OJAI. I almost copied his FPL 😂


lol take 2 now. App crash!