Community Members Spotted on Live


Great flight. Let's do it again sometime.


Yea PM me tommorow so we could fly again! Great flight :)


Can someone try spotting me in the charlotte region on TS1??


Spotting is not generally done upon request. It just naturally happens. If everyone requested to be spotted, it would be a nightmare.


Ok gotcha hopefully one day someone will see me in the skies


Probably doesn't matter but I think I was in line waiting to takeoff at Honolulu thier. :D


Had a beautiful 208 flight with @DeerCrusher


Spotted @mbmhwue148 and @Snelweg_A15 en route to KAGS. Awesome ATC service by Frankeny!


@Andre_Solgren_Nilsen You think I can't notice a C130 behind me? 😂 Nice to see you again!


Haha! Just checking to see if you're awake up there 😂 Nice to see you too!


I saw @Hari_Sims in South Carolina today!



@Knellered nice landing at PHOG yesterday ;)


Hello @elisua :)


Saw @DeerCrusher and @Snelweg_A15 in Hawaii on this snowy morning.


saw @Thomas_Ralph in New york region


Winds and visibility are terrible...


Yeah I saw you on liveflight, Couldnt even see another plane if it were 5 feet in front of me


@AdamCallow and @Moritz_Babl at KNUC on Casual, whilst I was doing extreme pattern work in a CCX


@AdamCallow Damn, he got least he didn't see our flights lol