Community Members Spotted on Live


Yesterday at London

@GarudaIndonesia at EGLL

@nicochile2 near EGLL

@BluePanda900 holding short 26L at EGKK




Yeah that's me 👋 @azeeuwnl


And @Cameron_Brown all today in Hawaii


I saw you parked at PHOG.


@Ousman in Hawaii tonight...


@david.harper you was just after me happy to see you flying too dud


@Captain_Matt at Lanai before my internet decided to give up.


I got David@FDS in the air in a 787-8 AeroMexico livery in Southern California. Over the LAX area. He ended up going to Seattle, good choice for a test flight David!


Spotted @DeerCrusher while on base at PHMK.


I thought I saw you down there for a few seconds. Wasn't sure but I guess I was right. You were unofficially spotted by me. 😁


@Hari_Sims in Hawaii tonight.


Parallel landing with @Dez at EDDL this afternoon!


@david.harper @DeerCrusher in hawaii


Beautiful shot of my landing! 👌🏼


Glad you like :) was trying to get one of David's but sadly I didn't spin round in time but we'll in time for you.


You got the wrong person, that wasn't me


@Cpt_Chris getting ready to take off from KMIA.

Off my left wing.

On final...

At the gate in Tampa.


So sorry. Meant Dez not Daz. Have a lovely evening :)


Had a nice time flying with @david.harper tonight over beautiful SoFlo!