Community Members Spotted on Live


It's fine. I just slowed down just to make sure lol


A couple of the NetJets planes tonight at EDDL. @DeerCrusher

With Crusher on final 23L.


KSAN about 20 minutes ago


My C-130 flight started at KTTN with just me. Then I saw @sapper and we decided to do a group flight. Then later on as we were nearing our destination, another person joined in (@Radek_K). Then finally, @MarcelloM and @Damian circled around in their A-10s. Lol thanks guys. Had a great flight.

I also saw @David_Lockwood.


Was very funny baddy!


Had a great spontaneous fly with @Damian @Nate_Schneller,escorted for a bit @Mark_Denton, saw lot of mates from IFATC


Had an awesome flight with @MarcelloM! You were quite hard to catch up to hahah ;)


Intercepting @Tecnam2TA and his C130 crew!

Also saw @BostonMa and @DeerCrusher and @LaroseRoyce while on final. You guys probably saw my embarrassment of a landing!


Was funny!thanks buddy!well i was flying without a destination so lot of improvisation!😜 I saw also @LaroseRoyce,ready for line up!


The landing was fine enough, but the exiting was hilarious.


Really enjoyed the flight with you guys shame I didn't catch you earlier. Safe flying and hopefully see you again


Yeah I don't know what happened there....


With @DeerCrusher and @NetJets_Nick in New York region tonight.


Don't forget @Brianj2859 ! He is there too!


@Brianj2859 @DeerCrusher @NetJets_Nick and @david.harper after flight! Awesome flying with you guys!


Had a nice short flight with @david.harper, @Brianj2859, and @NetJets_Nick shortly before the server decided to take a dump.


Sorry @Brianj2859! I'd never forget you!!!!!


@Moritz_Babl at Gatwick :) I was NASA 119


@FlyerN926HY Karl Luebs doing some ridiculous patterns in a 787 at KPAE :-)

And is that @RAH parked over there?


@DeerCrusher approaching KSAN


@Oli? Or whoever Oli De Pauw copying my flight plan very nicely. 😂
Apologies if this isn't you.